We Began

In 2014, our sustainability strategy, This Changes Everything, took flight. Our targets were ambitious and we’re proud of our achievements so far. We’re on our way to net positive by 2030, and our construction team recycles 95% of all waste. We’ve built our first House with No Bills and released our first Reconciliation Action Plan.


What's New

We’ve learned a lot from the first four years of This Changes Everything. And for this next phase, the key themes are purpose and focus. We’re looking at what matters most to Mirvac and our stakeholders to drive even deeper results and deliver on our purpose to Reimagine Urban Life, sustainably.


What's Next

We’re re-affirming our bold environmental commitments to net positive and zero waste. And we’ll complement those with community targets to create a net positive legacy, triple community investment by 2022, invest $100 million in the social sector by 2030, and provide unlimited paid volunteer leave to our employees. Knowing how vital transparency is, we’ll also share our progress on having a highly engaged, capable, and diverse workforce, and our efforts to be the most trusted owner and developer.

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We’re committed to leaving a legacy we can be proud of. Read This Changes Everything to see how we’ll continue to Reimagine Urban Life, sustainably.

Mirvac sustainability journey.

Sarah Clarke, Mirvac’s Group General Manager, Sustainability and Reputation, shares our journey to Reimagine Urban Life, sustainably.

Reimagine Urban Life, Sustainably

Focused, diversified, integrated

Our approach to ESG is anchored in Mirvac’s focused, diversified, integrated strategy, and our purpose to Reimagine Urban Life.

Global Trends

We’ve identified the major environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends that matter most to Mirvac and our stakeholders.

Our Stakeholders

We’re committed to sharing inclusive value with our stakeholders, who we partner with to deliver positive sustainability outcomes.

Why these trends matter to Mirvac and our stakeholders

  • It’s important for businesses to do the right thing
  • Creating inclusive and diverse communities and workplaces is good for us all
  • The environmental impact of buildings and processes matters
  • Affordable, clean energy should be available to everyone
  • Housing affordability is an issue we can all work to address

Our focus

Climate Change

Net positive carbon
by 2030
Climate risk. Energy. Board capability. Net positive roadmap.

Our Community

Net positive legacy
Community engagement & investment. Social return. Wellbeing.

Our People

Highly engaged, capable and diverse workforce
Safety. Culture. Diversity. Reward.

Natural Resources

Net positive water and
Zero waste by 2030
Waste. Water. Materials. Biodiversity.

Social Inclusion

$100m investment in social sector by 2030
Procurement. Volunteering. Reconciliation.

Trusted Partner

Most trusted owner and developer
Integrity. Reporting. Earnings visibility.

We’re focusing on six key areas where we can deliver the most positive impact.

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In 2014, we launched our sustainability strategy, This Changes Everything. We set our sights high and set bold targets. We’ve learnt a lot along the way and we’re committed to leaving a legacy that reflects our values. We were named us the world’s most sustainable real estate company by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2017, and we ranked #1 in JP Morgan’s ESGQ Stock Screens report in 2018.