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Our People

Our people are our strongest asset and our success depends on their engagement, capability and diversity. Find out about how we’re performing on culture, inclusion, and flexibility.
Our people are our strongest asset and our success depends on their engagement, capability and diversity. Find out about how we’re performing on culture, inclusion, and flexibility.

Why it’s so important

Mirvac wouldn’t be where it is today without its highly engaged workforce.  Our people are our greatest asset, and their engagement is a strong predictor of our future success. We’re very proud of the culture we’ve built, and while we know we’re attracting and retaining the best talent, we can’t afford to become complacent. In today’s competitive job market, we need to give people good reason to join Mirvac, and importantly, to stay with us. There’s much more to employee retention than salary; these days, it’s just as important to provide people with opportunities to grow, and to create a culture where diversity, inclusion, and flexibility are championed. And we’re always mindful to anticipate how requirements will shift over time, whether that is from more millennials entering the workforce, or the rise of automation.


How we’re positioned to drive change

The property sector has not always been known for its gender diversity, but this is something Mirvac is in a position to change. By leading and creating an inclusive culture, we can not only offer opportunities to a broader range of people – we can better understand the diverse needs of our customers, and create new opportunities as a business.


Our progress to date

The dedication of our people is reflected in our consistently high engagement scores. In 2018, we achieved an engagement score of 90 per cent, up 2 per cent on the previous year, and 10 points higher than the Australian norm. We go above and beyond to deliver on our promises and 95 per cent of our people say they are willing to put in the extra work needed to make Mirvac a success.

Gender diversity has been a strong focus in recent years, and we are proud to have a 50:50 gender split on our Board. We have also closed the gender pay gap on like-for-like roles to zero, and we’re working to have 40:40:20 women in senior management roles by 2022. This means that we’ll ensure there are at least 40 per cent women and 40 per cent men in senior roles, leaving 20 per cent flexible. In construction, we have launched Aspire, a development and mentoring program specifically for women. The program seeks to develop talent as a means of improving diversity, particularly at the project and management levels. To give all employees more choice in when and how they work, we’ve developed a Flexibility Charter & Policy – and thanks to initiatives such as My Simple Thing and Building Balance, 75 per cent of our people now have flexible arrangements. In 2017, Mirvac also introduced a Domestic & Family Violence Leave Policy, and this year became a White Ribbon accredited workplace. It’s actions like these that have led us to be named a WGEA Employer of Choice for the last four years.


What’s next?

We want to be transparent about what it’s like to work for Mirvac – and the best people to provide this insight are our own employees. If we’re doing everything we can to provide a safe, diverse, inclusive, flexible workplace where people are fairly rewarded, we’ll see the results in our annual engagement survey, and our People Leader Index – which measures the quality of our people managers. Of course, this information is useful for us – but we also think it’s important to share it openly and provide assurance that our engaged, diverse, and capable workforce puts us in the driver’s seat for continued high performance, allowing us to deliver continued growth and value to our customers and our securityholders.