House with No Bills

Our House with No Bills study will help educate us and the general public on the performance of sustainable homes.

After months of looking for our family for our first House with No Bills study, we are pleased to announce that the Zimmerman family of Dingley Village has been chosen to live rent free for 12 months, without the stress of soaring energy bills. Police officer Rob, 38, nursing student, Lisa, 35, and their two teenage children, Cam, 15, and Alyssa, 14, moved into the three-bedroom House with No Bills in June. We look forward to following the Zimmerman’s journey over the next 12 months as they interact with Mirvac’s first prototype energy efficient home.

Sustainable future

In an effort to develop affordable, self-sustaining masterplanned communities in the future, Mirvac has commenced its first House with No Bills study in Melbourne. The House with No Bills aims to drive a more sustainable future for Australians. Our strategy focuses on not only reducing environmental impact but also considers social impact. Affordability and climate change are key issues facing Australia, and through the House with No Bills, Mirvac aims to address these challenges with market-based solutions.

About our first House with No Bills

As part of this vision, Mirvac has built a home at our $130 million Jack Rd development in Cheltenham to demonstrate the first phase of the project, which is a study designed to deliver a home without energy bills. The home looks, feels and operates the same as a typical home but has been designed to reduce its reliance on electricity to the point it will not generate any bills. The methods include increased roof insulation, the installation of solar PV panels and batteries, use of LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, intelligent controls, and smart metering and monitoring systems, which assist homeowners to keep track of where and how their energy is being used.